Conveyor belt concerns

- Aug 14, 2018-

The first is to adopt international advanced standards. In recent years, the export volume of belt conveyors in China has become larger and larger. Foreign companies generally do not accept Chinese standard products and require ISO, Germany or the United States. Therefore, conveyor belt enterprises must collect and digest relevant international standards and conduct manufacturing, inspection, packaging and after-sales services according to foreign technical standards.

The second is to strengthen the research of special conveyor belts. It is necessary to continuously increase product specifications and improve product quality, and strengthen the development of high temperature resistant conveyor belts, cold resistant conveyor belts, round pipe conveyor belts, tear-proof conveyor belts, high wear-resistant conveyor belts, and high-strength steel wire rope conveyor belts above ST5000. For example, in order to adapt to the transportation of high-abrasive materials and improve the service life of conveyor belts, foreign countries have developed surface-resistance materials with higher wear resistance than German standards, and the wear capacity reaches 50-70 cubic millimeters.

The third is to develop low-resistance energy-saving conveyor belts. At present, low-operation resistance energy-saving conveyor belts have been developed in foreign countries and are used on long-distance conveyors. The running resistance coefficient of general conveyor belts is 0.02-0.025, while the energy-saving conveyor belts are around 0.016, which can reduce operating energy consumption by about 25%. . It is understood that Goodyear's newly developed Easyrider conveyor belt is to change the formula, so that the conveyor belt can reduce the rolling resistance like a tire, saving 12% of power consumption in one year, thus helping users to save energy.

The fourth is the safety factor of the conveyor belt. At present, when the conveyor factory selects the wire rope conveyor belt, the safety factor of domestic products is 7~9, while that of foreign countries is generally about 5, under the same conditions, the domestic conveyor belt model is 1~2 higher than foreign countries, increasing The equipment cost and operating energy consumption also affect the competitiveness of the products in the international market, and the key to reducing the safety factor of the conveyor belt is to improve the joint efficiency and reliability of the conveyor belt.