Rubber Conveyor Belt Classification

- Aug 14, 2018-

according to the inner fabric core classification

Divided into: fabric core conveyor belt, non-woven core conveyor belt.

The fabric core conveyor belt is divided into two layers: a layered fabric core and a whole core;

The layered fabric core conveyor belt is divided into: cotton canvas core, nylon cloth core, polyester cloth core conveyor belt;

The whole core conveyor belt is divided into two types: PVC and PVG whole core conveyor belts;

Non-woven core conveyor belts are divided into: wire rope conveyor belt, metal core conveyor belt, steel cable conveyor belt.

by form

Divided into: wave rib conveyor belt, pattern conveyor belt, skirt conveyor belt, separator conveyor belt.

according to the purpose of use

Divided into: heat, high temperature, burning resistance, acid and alkali resistance, cold resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance, flame retardant, tear resistance, puncture resistance.