Special Conveyor Belt

- Aug 14, 2018-

Special conveyor belts mainly include steel cord core belts, high angle belts, heat-resistant belts, cold-resistant belts, flame-retardant belts, wire mesh belts and steel belts. 1 Steel cord core belt: replace the fiber fabric belt conveyor belt with a number of flexible and high-strength special steel wire ropes (Fig. 2). Since the 1960s, the steel cord core has a large number of applications, its breaking strength can be as high as 7000 N / mm, the elastic elongation is very small, the lateral stiffness is small, and the impact resistance is good. Long-distance belt conveyors mostly use such conveyor belts and are also used in some belt feeders. 2 High-angle belts: including low-profile belts, high-pattern belts, transverse belts and ribbed belts (Fig. 3). The working surface of the short strip is covered with various shapes of rubber bumps or ribs with a height of less than 10 mm to block the layering of the material and to transport the powdery and small particles of bulk material. The height of the bump on the strip surface of the high pattern belt is between 10 and 25 mm to prevent the material from rolling and is used to transport medium and large-sized bulk materials. These two belts increase the conveying inclination by about 10°. The working face of the transverse baffle belt is covered with a separator with a height of more than 100 mm. The shape of the partition is divided into a double fin shape, a multi-fin shape, a high V-shape or a flat shape, which can be used to achieve an inclination of 53°. The upward transport. The ribbed belt has a wavy or plate-shaped ribs with a height of 40 to 300 mm. This belt can be vertically lifted. 3 Heat-resistant belt: conveyor belt with special rubber as cover material, the temperature of the material can be up to 800 °C. 4 Cold-resistant belt: It is also a conveyor belt made of special rubber as a covering material, which can be used in an environment of -55 °C. 5 Refractory belt: conveyor belt made of polyvinyl chloride or special rubber as covering material, mainly used in underground coal mines. It is less prone to flames and causes an explosion when it is strongly rubbed against rollers or other parts. 6 Metal mesh belt: It is made of metal wire and has no covering layer. It is used to transport materials from -55 to 1200 °C or to complete the dewatering operation of materials during transportation. 7 steel strip: made of cold-rolled steel sheet with a thickness of 0.2 to 4 mm, mostly used in conveyors in drying ovens. 8 steel rope traction belt.