15MPa L Grade Ep1000/4 Polyester Conveyor Belt

15MPa L Grade Ep1000/4 Polyester Conveyor Belt

PVG type conveyor belt's upper and lower layers are nitrile rubber and PVC, which have the feature of TPE. single-sided tape thickness: 1mm-3mm, inclined angel:<20° Structure It is made from the whole core via dipping and plastifying in polyvinyl chloride(pvc) dipping agent or...

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The upper and lower layers of ordinary PVG conveyor belts are nitrile rubber and PVC, which have the characteristics of TPE. Single-sided tape thickness: 1mm-3mm, transportation inclination angle: <20°

The structure of ordinary PVG conveyor belt

It is made from the entire core material by impregnating and plasticizing or vulcanizing in polyvinyl chloride (pvc) impregnant. In addition, it also has flame retardant, antistatic, impact resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance properties.

Application of ordinary PVG conveyor belt

This product is mainly suitable for underground transportation in coal mines, and also for material transportation in metallurgy and chemical industries.

The whole core flame-retardant conveyor belt is made of the whole belt core after being impregnated with polyvinyl chloride impregnated paste, plasticized or vulcanized. It has the characteristics of high strength, large capacity, and balanced transportation. At the same time, the product has good flame retardant and antistatic properties. , Impact resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties.



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