Abrasion Resistant Steel Cord Rubber Conveyor Belt

Abrasion Resistant Steel Cord Rubber Conveyor Belt

Abrasion Resistant Belt is made of a special compound resistant to abrasion, so its life span is longer than the ordinary conveyor belt. It’s usually used to transport materials of which specific gravity is great such as limestone.

Product Details

Based on the basic principles of customer satisfaction with quality, service and technology, we continue to strengthen the overall strength of the company and manufacture Anti-static Steel Cord Conveyor Belt, PVC Conveyor Belt, Normal Grade EP Conveyor Belt that satisfies customers. We adhere to the policy of friendly cooperation and mutual benefit, and we cooperate well with various accessories manufacturers. Our management is consistently serious and strict, and all aspects of management are meticulous that is recognized by the industry. Excellent quality, competitive prices, punctual delivery and dependable service can be guaranteed.

The wear-resistant belt is made of special wear-resistant composite materials, so its service life is longer than that of ordinary conveyor belts. Usually used to transport materials with a large specific gravity, such as limestone.

Specifications and main technical performance of wear-resistant steel wire rope conveyor belt: According to the different use conditions of users or different usage requirements, the frame material can choose fabric core and steel wire rope core.

Product features of wear-resistant steel wire rope conveyor belts: the covering rubber has excellent wear resistance, good tear resistance and impact resistance, good interlayer adhesion, no need to worry about delamination, good ozone and ultraviolet corrosion resistance, and low elongation , It can be applied to the conveying system with short tension line spacing.

Product use: It can be suitable for the transportation of heavy materials in metallurgy, building materials, electric power, chemical industry, ports and other industries. It is especially suitable for the transportation of materials with high abrasiveness, high bulk density and harsh industrial and mining conditions.




The very strict modern company management system and advanced production technology guarantee our Abrasion Resistant Steel Cord Rubber Conveyor Belt always in top quality. We believe in quality over quantity. We uphold high standards and continue to carry out management reforms, pursuing simultaneous improvement of efficiency and value.
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