Cold Resistant Steel Cord Conveyor Belt for Mining

Cold Resistant Steel Cord Conveyor Belt for Mining

Cold resistant conveyor belt is designed for conveying in refrigerator storage or outdoor cold area, the belt can keep normal operation under the environment of -40°C.

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Our extraordinary customization capabilities and extensive collaborative development with customers make us develop well in the Special Conveyor Belt, Anti-static PVG Conveyor Belt, Tear Resistant Steel Cord Conveyor Belt industry. While expanding the domestic market, we aim at the international market. During many years of product manufacturing, our company has summarized a large number of specific cases, scientifically optimized a number of production processes, mastered the multi product manufacturing process, and carefully provided personalized products for each cooperation unit. We constantly look to improve ourselves and refine our approaches to enhance your experience. We are constantly adjusting our development direction based on market demand and strive to produce more high-quality products. We regard 'respecting knowledge, attaching importance to education and developing technology 'as our strategic work.

The cold-resistant steel wire rope conveyor belt is composed of core rubber, steel wire rope, cage cover layer and edge rubber. It has the advantages of anti-mold, mothproof, anti-aging, good heat resistance, high tear resistance, and can be refurbished after the belt surface is worn out. . Features: High tensile strength. Good impact resistance, long service life, low elongation, good trough formation, good flexural resistance, suitable for long intervals, long transportation distances, and high-speed conveying materials.

The cold-resistant conveyor belt is designed for transportation in cold storage or outdoor cold areas. The conveyor belt can maintain normal operation at -40°C.

The transportation method of the cold-resistant steel wire rope conveyor belt adopts the vertical lifting transportation method, that is, the cyclic reciprocating transportation process is realized under the function of the bucket elevator. In this process, the conveyor belt mainly plays a role of lifting. Non-transportation function, but it is more demanding than transportation. Because in this process, the hopper material is placed in the hopper, and then installed on the conveyor belt by perforating. The conveyor belt itself has to be lifted vertically and the hopper is moved for transportation, so the required pulling force is relatively high.



Innovative, durable and cost-efficient products have secured us a position as a leading global manufacturer of Cold Resistant Steel Cord Conveyor Belt for Mining. We provide customers with scientific solutions and continue to optimize them to help customers create greater value in various fields. The product quality has reached the leading level in the industry.
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