Ep/Oil Resistant/Tear Resistant/Wear Resistant/Acid and Alkali Resisitant/Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt

Ep/Oil Resistant/Tear Resistant/Wear Resistant/Acid and Alkali Resisitant/Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt

Corrugated sidewall profiles with heights from 40 mm to up to 300 mm We use self-produced sidewalls with profile heights from 40 mm to up to 300 mm. In combination with our cleats, which we also manufacture ourselves, we can design and produce the optimal corrugated sidewall belt whatever the...

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We have occupied a leading position in the field of Cold Resistant EP Conveyor Belt, Normal Grade Steel Cord Conveyor Belt, Sidewall Conveyor Belt and will continue to meet the ever-changing application needs of the world. Over the years, we have insisted on taking the customer as the center and the market as the guide, strengthening technological innovation, consolidating internal management, and improving the quality of our work. A strict quality management system has been created to guarantee the caliber of the merchandise. In the process of global economic integration, the division of labor and collaboration is the source of power for the continuous progress of mankind.

The cylindrical conveyor belt is composed of a belt body and a pattern part, which can effectively prevent the material from slipping. The pattern conveyor belt can also become a non-slip conveyor belt, making it another nickname for him. Due to the difference between the material being transported and the inclination of the conveyor, the shape and height (depth) of the pattern are also required to be different. When the inclination of the conveyor line is large, the material is easy to slip when using ordinary conveyor belts. At this time, a patterned conveyor belt should be used to prevent items from slipping.

The cylindrical conveyor has a height of 5mm6mm10mm15mm17mm25mm32m, which is suitable for all kinds of milling machines, crushers, screening machines, pushers, mining machines and other mining machinery. It has the characteristics of good wear resistance and long service life. Pattern conveyor belts are widely used in quarries, quarries, cement plants, lime plants, mobile crushing and screening equipment, farms and salt mines.

There are many forms of patterns. The more commonly used patterns are chevron patterns, followed by strip patterns, polka dot patterns (also called pitted patterns), diamond patterns and so on. In addition, we have a wide range of mold specifications and models, and we can produce various special pattern conveyor belts according to your actual needs. 






Ep/Oil Resistant/Tear Resistant/Wear Resistant/Acid and Alkali Resisitant/Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt are mainly exported to all parts of the world, our company are in line with the business philosophy of 'survival by quality and reputation' and our company has won the unanimous praise of our customers for many years. As always, we will adhere to the management policy of quality first and customer first, giving full play to our own advantages to establish our brand image. We focus on global development and establish an industry-leading model of diverse corporate culture and operating models.
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