High Quality Granulated Patterned Rough Top Chevron Belt Conveyor Belt Rubber

High Quality Granulated Patterned Rough Top Chevron Belt Conveyor Belt Rubber

1)Purpose Herring-bone patterned conveyor Belt Characteristic: There is herring-bone pattern higher than belt on the surface of belt. The profile may be either open-end or closed. Each kind of pattern includes three types such as high, medium and low. Use: It can convey powdered, granulated and...

Product Details

We follow the commercial policy of surviving through quality and development through reputation, and do our best to provide customers with a full range of Tear Resistant Steel Cord Conveyor Belt, Cold Resistant Steel Cord Conveyor Belt, Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belting. Our solutions are widely recognized and trusted by users and can meet continuously changing of economic and social needs. We have complete production equipment and complete supporting facilities, which can fully guarantee product quality and delivery time. Also we can produce different hair products according to your samples.

Chevron conveyor belt have various names, herringbone conveyor belts, herringbone pattern conveyor belts, chevron pattern belts, etc. We generally call it a chevron conveyor belt. The main body of the conveyor belt is made of high-quality natural rubber, and the inside of the belt body is made of tear-resistant fabric. This makes our herringbone pattern conveyor belts have stronger transportation capacity, longer service life, can greatly improve transportation efficiency, and solve the problem of material spilling during customer transportation.

Product advantages of Chevron conveyor belt

1. The conveying angle is large, the surface is patterned, and the material is not easy to slip off.

2. Conveyor belts with different patterns are suitable for conveying materials conveyed at different angles and can be selected according to actual conveying requirements. The pattern of the pattern conveyor belt has high bonding strength with the conveyor belt body.

Product use of Chevron conveyor belt: The pattern conveyor belt is generally a conveyor belt that is composed of a patterned cover rubber, a flat non-planar cover rubber and a belt core that can adapt to a certain inclination angle. The surface of the conveyor belt has a "herringbone" pattern, the pattern can be open or closed, and each pattern can be divided into three grades: high, medium, and low.

When the inclination angle of the conveyor belt is large, the material is easy to slip off when using an ordinary conveyor belt. At this time, the pattern conveyor belt should be selected. The pattern conveyor belt is suitable for conveying grains, ore and other materials, and can also convey spherical materials, with a conveying angle of up to 28°. When conveying flexible packaging materials, the angle can reach 35°.


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