Highly Anti Corrosion Epoxy Powder Coating for Pipeline

Highly Anti Corrosion Epoxy Powder Coating for Pipeline

High temperature prefabricated direct-buried heat preservation pipe Product presentation: High temperature prefabricated directly buried insulation pipe is made up of inner working steel pipe, polyurethane, glass cotton insulation layer, polyethylene or steel pipe as outer protective pipe,its...

Product Details

After years of development, our products have been trusted by customers. The quality of Polyethylene Epoxy Coated Composite Steel Pipe, Normal Grade Steel Cord Conveyor Belt, Special Conveyor Belt is reliable, and it is in a favorable position among domestic counterparts. Our company management philosophy is to make good quality products to meet customer's requirements and also to provide excellent service and new developed products to all customers. Our company is people-oriented, sophisticated equipment, rigorous craftsmanship, vigorous, and strides forward

Polyethylene (epoxy) coated composite steel pipe is a product made of modified polyethylene hot-dip plastic or epoxy epoxy resin coating. The coated composite steel pipe is coated with welded steel pipe and subjected to sandblasting. Preheat, internal and external coating, curing. Post-treatment and other processes of steel and plastic composite pipes. The coated steel pipe is a combination of hot-dip plastic and PE- (modified polyethylene) or EP (epoxy resin), and the inside and outside are coated. Coated composite steel pipes are coated with welded steel pipes, sandblasting, preheating, internal and external coating, curing, etc. Steel-plastic composite pipe made by post-processing technology. It has excellent comprehensive properties, strong corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, good chemical stability and water resistance, and has the advantages of drag reduction, corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, and antibacterial. It has strong adhesion to steel. Coating material: Epoxy resin (EP) is suitable for working environment below 80℃. The coating of steel pipe has extremely high adhesion, high hardness and good impact resistance. And has good chemical corrosion resistance, and the design life is as long as 50 years.

Technical Parameters:

Product size: DN15—DN1660

Ambient temperature: -30℃ to 120℃

Common colors: black, gray, blue, red, white, green

Coating method: PE (polyethylene) hot-dip plastic epoxy (epoxy resin), used for internal and external spraying or internal epoxy external spray head.

Coating thickness: PE (modified polyethylene) coating thickness is 400um-1000um, EP (epoxy resin) spraying thickness is 100um-400um

Product advantages of polyethylene (epoxy) coated composite steel pipe:

1. Adapt to humid underground environment, can withstand very high and very low temperature.

2. The anti-interference ability is strong. If the coated steel pipe is used as the cable sleeve, it can effectively shield the external signal interference.

3. Good compressive strength, the highest pressure can reach 6Mpa.

4. The insulation performance is good, and the electric wire protection tube will never leak.

5. No burr, smooth pipe wall, suitable for building wear-resistant wires or cables.

6. High mechanical strength, suitable for harsh environment;

7. The inner and outer coatings can prevent metal oxidation and have good chemical corrosion resistance;

8. The coating has strong adhesion, high bonding strength and good impact resistance;

9. Anti-aging, long service life, especially suitable for burying in water.

Application fields of polyethylene (epoxy) coated composite steel pipe:

1. Fire water supply system.

2. Underground pipes for wires and cables.

3. Transportation of various chemical fluids (acid, alkali, salt corrosion) in water conservancy projects, long-distance water pipelines, etc.

4. Mines, mine ventilation, supply, drainage, gas drainage pipes.

5. Water supply and drainage transportation of buildings (especially suitable for hot and cold water systems in hotels, hotels and high-end residential areas).

6. Various forms of circulating water systems (civil circulating water, industrial circulating water) have excellent performance, and the anti-corrosion duration can be as long as 50 years.

With responsible good quality method, good status and excellent client services, the series of solutions produced by our company are exported to lots of countries and regions for Highly Anti Corrosion Epoxy Powder Coating for Pipeline. Maintaining the prevailing friendly relations with our buyers, we however innovate our solution lists all of the time to satisfy the brand new demands and adhere to the most up-to-date development of the market. Go on to boost, to be certain item quality in line with market and buyer standard demands.
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