Mine, Stone, Sand Cement Fabric Nylon Nn Ep Cc56 Tc70 Steel Cord Black Rubber Conveyor ...

Mine, Stone, Sand Cement Fabric Nylon Nn Ep Cc56 Tc70 Steel Cord Black Rubber Conveyor ...

Polyester conveyor belt also called EP conveyor belts, which tension resistant body is canvas that is woven by polyester in warp and polyamide in weft. The belts have characteristics of low elongation in wrap and good trough ability in weft, good water proof, good wet strength, no mould,...

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Ordinary EP conveyor belt is also called polyester conveyor belt. Its tensile strength is canvas, which is woven from polyester in the warp and polyamide in the weft. The belt has the characteristics of low film elongation, good weft groove capacity, good waterproofness, good wet strength, and no mold. It is suitable for medium and long-distance, heavy-duty transportation of materials. Due to the high initial modulus of polyester, a relatively low safety factor can be selected for the belt.

Ordinary EP conveyor belts can be widely used for conveying materials in coal, mines, ports, metallurgy, electric power, and chemical industries.

According to the performance of the covering rubber, it can be divided into cold-resistant type, acid-resistant type, alkali-resistant type, oil-resistant type, abrasion-resistant type, etc.

According to different purposes, it can be divided into lifting belts, power belts, and conveyor belts.

According to the different structure, it can be divided into ordinary laminated type, impact-resistant and tear-resistant type with transverse reinforcement layer.

Features of ordinary EP conveyor belt

1. Use EP, NN, PP dipped canvas as skeleton material

2. High strength, thin belt body, light weight

3. Impact resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance

4. The belt body is soft, has good grooveability and good elasticity

5. Running smoothly without deviation

6. EP conveyor belt is suitable for larger load, faster speed and medium and long distance material transportation.





Specification and technical index of multi-ply conveyor belt


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