Rough Top Surface Industrial PVC/PU Conveyor Belt

Rough Top Surface Industrial PVC/PU Conveyor Belt

Double-sided spiral submerged arc welding steel pipe 1. Mainly used in water engineering, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, electric power industry, agricultural irrigation, urban construction and so on. 2. For the conveyance of liquids: water supply, drainage. 3. For gas...

Product Details

Since we use standard assembly line production equipment, our Special Conveyor Belt, Anti-static EP Conveyor Belt, Normal Grade PVG Conveyor Belt is more formal, reliable in quality and inexpensive. We provide first-class services for your products, please contact us immediately. Our company takes the good faith as the key link, takes the quality as the guarantee, takes the customer as the center, becomes the industry unceasingly enhances the product quality and the service level standard. It using the world's leading system for reliable operation, a low failure rate, it suitable for customers choice.

Cleats with heights from 20 mm to up to 280 mm

We produce cleats in 4 different designs: T, C or TC cleats as well as multi-part cleats. 



We have many international advanced fully automatic production lines, mainly producing and developing new types of Rough Top Surface Industrial PVC/PU Conveyor Belt. Our company provides the most comprehensive services and cooperation to our customers in the spirit of great breadth of mind. We are able to respond quickly to customer requirements, which is one of the important reasons for forming long-term cooperative relationships with customers.


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