Tear Resistant Steel Cord Steel Cord Reinforced Rubber Conveyor Belt for Timber Industry

Tear Resistant Steel Cord Steel Cord Reinforced Rubber Conveyor Belt for Timber Industry

Tear resistant steel cord conveyor belt,This kind of conveyor belt is usually called transverse reinforced conveyor belt featuring transversely reinforced materials on one or both sides of steel cord.Reinforced by a transverse reinforcement layer crossing the steel cord. In addition to the...

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In order to adapt to the changes in the market, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, meet the diversified needs of customers, our company will be committed to absorbing more professionals, improve the development efforts and technical content and provide high-quality Patterned Conveyor Belt, Solid Woven Conveyor Belt, Sidewall Conveyor Belt and services for each customer. We insist on taking the customer as the center and taking the quality as the cornerstone to bring considerable economic benefits and social value to customers. We recognize that we need to attach importance to the training of employees and effectively improve the quality and service level. We keep up with the pace of the times, aiming at the foreign trade market. We are committed to strengthening the construction of corporate culture and enhancing our core competitiveness.

The tear-resistant steel cord conveyor belt, which is usually called a transverse reinforced conveyor belt, is characterized by a material with transverse reinforcement on one or both sides of the steel cord. In addition to the general characteristics of a wire rope guided conveyor belt, this conveyor belt, as its name implies, is particularly resistant to tearing.

The tear-resistant steel wire rope conveyor belt is equipped with horizontally evenly arranged high-stretch steel wire ropes or high-strength high-stretch chemical fiber cords on the steel wire core or fabric core as the tear-resistant layer, and the tear-resistant layer is perpendicular to the running direction of the conveyor belt. . When the conveyor belt conveys hard and sharp materials, the anti-tear layer can prevent sharp hard objects from piercing, and once pierced, it can also generate enough resistance to tear the tape by the sharp hard objects, thereby effectively preventing the conveyor belt from tearing.

The conveyor belt is suitable for mines, docks, metallurgy, building materials, coal and other places where sharp and hard objects are transported and the blanking height is large.




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