Tunnelling, Antistatic Flame Retardant, Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

Tunnelling, Antistatic Flame Retardant, Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

Application 1.Used as various of liners to resist high temperature, such as microwave liner, oven liner, food drying or other liners. 2. High insulation of electric: insulating belt of electric, septa, cushion, gasket. High frequency plank coated with copper; 3. Heat resisting envelope,...

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We have constantly improved our product quality and strive to provide high grade Fire Resistant Steel Cord Conveyor Belt, Heat Resistant Steel Cord Conveyor Belt, Flame Resistant PVC Conveyor Belt to meet the market demand of new and old customers. We embrace the principle of integrity management and salute the glory of the company with a constant pioneering attitude. Excellent quality and after-sales service are our eternal pursuit. Items won certifications with the regional and international primary authorities. We insist on immersing ourselves in hard work, so that those who struggle hard can get a reasonable return in their efforts.

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Application of anti-static steel wire rope conveyor belt

1. Used as a variety of high temperature resistant linings, such as microwave oven linings, oven linings, food drying or other linings. 2. High electrical insulation: electrical insulation tape, septum, cushion, gasket. The high-frequency board is coated with copper;

3. Heat-resistant envelopes, heat-insulating sleeves;

4. Combination of various petroleum and chemical pipelines to resist corrosion, environmental sulfur separation of power plant waste gas

5. Can be made into antistatic fabric.

The anti-static steel wire rope conveyor belt is also called the steel wire rope core conveyor belt, because the inner core of the steel belt is named after the steel wire rope instead of the canvas. We use galvanized steel wire as the core of the steel wire rope conveyor belt, which is supplied by a special supplier instead of free on the market. Therefore, the tear resistance is very strong. The inner steel wire of the steel cord conveyor belt is composed of several steel wires. According to different tensions and transport distances, select different numbers of steel wires and tensions.

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